Basic Doctrines Course

Praise The Lord and Congratulations! By accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, you have made the most important decision you will ever make. We at Berryessa Alliance Church are committed to helping you in your new walk with God. Please study the 4 lessons in this Basic Doctrines online class. At the end of each lesson, please finish the study questions before moving to a new lesson. May God bless you!

Module 1 The Basics of the Gospel
Unit 1 Lesson 1 - The Basics of the Gospel
Module 2 The Model Prayer
Unit 1 Lesson 2 - The Model Prayer
Module 3 The Apostles' Creed
Unit 1 Lesson 3 - The Apostles' Creed
Module 4 The Meaning of Baptism
Unit 1 Lesson 4 - The Meaning of Baptism